Duke Lc4 Oil leek

Well, i’m actually tearing down my ktm duke 2 lc4 640… i started with the gas ank and ended up with the radiators and finally discovered why my bike was smoking on startups. You’re maybe in this case: smoke (overheated oil) is coming out from the exhaust pipes, in the front area of the engine, more specifically from the cylinder head, near the exhaust pipes. You also maybe have noticed oil leeks  running from the top of the engine down. This all is because of one screw: The right exhaust flange screw (see picture)  goes in the cylinder head… and the hole in the cylinder head is a trough hole…


In my case, the screw was a little bit loose  and since the hole is a trough hole, this all ended up with a oil leak :p

The duke is back in the house

I really not had the time to ride my bike these past years, it even was stored in a friend’s basement. But the bike went back home. I took some time in order to bring her back, the front tire was completely flat (like the battery…), the bike started (amazingly) without pain after filling up the tank with fresh gasoline.

Now about the work to do on it:

  • A lot of parts are starts to rust, especially the bolts and screws. I’ve ordered some titanium screws… i’ll not talk about the price of this stuff 😮
  • I actually have 2 brand new tires to pull on: Dunlop Sportmax Gp racer, with the S variant for the front.
  • I really need a new chain kit…
  • Oil filters are ready to be mounted, with some fresh oil.

Cnc project parts list

You will find here a part list, used to achieve the cnc project.

Mitsubishi hc-kfs73b servo
qty: 3
purchased on ebay for 614,29 euros

Mitsubishi mr-j2s-40a servo driver
qty: 1
purchased on ebay for 204,79 euros

Mitsubishi MR-JCCBL5M-L Encoder cabel
qty: 3
purchased on ebay for 74,97 euros

Linear guideways HR25-MNS-2-V1-H-1500
details: 25mm section, 1500mm length, with 2 blocks per rail. Datasheet
qty: 2
purchased on ebay for 212,00 euros

10a Electro-magnetic circuit breaker
qty: 1
purchased on ebay for 20,85 euros. [link]

Modular 24v dc power supply
qty: 1
purchased on ebay for 20,85 euros. [link]

Mitsubishi encoder cables and driver

Well, i just received three mitsubishi cables (MR-JCCBL5M-L), in order to wire the driver (MR-J2S-70A) to the servo (HC-KFS73B). Length should be ok (5 meters) for the cnc project.

I also received the driver (yes, i actually only purchased one since i want to test this out before buying everthing). The driver sadly arrived broken due to light packaging. I hope that the electronics are ok and that we are only talking about cosmetic damages.